By Anavelky H.
Grade 3, Texas
Country of Origin: El Salvador

My mom was born on December, 27,1974. She immigrated in 1987. My mom was 13 years old when she immigrated. She walked and came on a bus. She lived in El Salvador. She lived with 2 sisters and her 6 brothers. They were poor. She was the 3rd oldest in her family. She left because of the war they were having in El Salvador. She celebrated 3 holidays, Christmas, New Years, and ˘la Semana Santa.÷ My mom was sick of her old town. When she left her country she left behind aunts, uncles, cousins and her grandma and her grandpa. Me and my mom made a map showing her journey, and this how it goes: my mom lived in El Salvador, then she moved to Houston TX for 3 months then to Delaware for 2 years, moved back to Austin TX for 2 years, New Jersey for 4 months then, Austin till finally she bought a new house in Kyle. My momĂs life here and her in her other country are different because ˘here you fight for your beliefs and you have the opportunity to reach your goals÷, she said. ˘It is easier because here women are able to earn their own money and not stay home and wait for their husbands to provide for them, they are able to help and have a better life÷.

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