By Keiana M.
Grade 8, Arkansas

HI,My Name is Keiana H and I am 13 years of age and I am in the 8th grade.I like school sometimes but i just go to see all of my friends.My hobbies are Talking on the phone and Riding around the block.I like going to Basketball and Football games.I have a Mother and a Father My mother name is Mary M she is 32 and she is nice and she do what she can to take care of her family.Her hobbies are cooking,cleaning,and working.My Mom and Dad are not together at all and never will get back together.My Dad name is Richard H He is 33 and I love him to death.My dad hobbies are working,watching football games,and hanging out with his friends.My Dad has a girlfriend her name is Talethea H and she is from Gurdon,Ar.She is nice to me sometime but my Mom is single right now.I have two sisters and a brother but we have different Dads Richard is Only my dad and I am his Only child.My siblings names are Keibreana M she 12.Keishun B she 9.My brother name is Keion M He is 9 I love my Brother and my Two sisters but there bad.Now I am going to tell you about a special person in my life that I will always love through thick and then Her name is Lois B She is my grandma and I love he she Raised me from a baby to a young lady and I love her for that she is my Life I depend on her but now I stay with my dad but she now I will never forget her.Now I am going too end my families lifeline Bye.

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