By Jenilee E.
Grade 6, Arizona

Lillian C. was only 23 years old during WWII. She was born in 1918, in San Juan Pueblo, NM. She had a 4 year old daughter. They lived in Honolulu, HI from 1939 until 1942, when they were given passage to California-they were evacuated. She loved living in Honolulu and swimming at Waikiki Beach; Eating the variety of nature foods and the colorful clothing that was so popular at the time.

the bombing on December 7th, 1941 changed their carefree lives to the seriousness of war. The windows were painted black so that their lights could not be seen from the outside. If an enemy flew overhead, and lights were visible, bombs would be dropped. Lillian says that this was a horrible, yet wonderful time for her. Now, she really doesn't mind talking or even thinking about it.

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