By D'shanna S.
Grade 8, Arkansas

In my family, I have a mom,stepmom,dad,three stepsisters and a stepbrother.My mom lives in Philadelphia(where I used to live)and I live down in Arkansas with my dad,stepmom,and stepsisters.My stepbrother lives in North Carolina with my stepsisters real father.Me and my family down here in Arkansas, stay in Camden and me and my sisters attend Camden Fairview middle school and highschool.I have to older sisters who are 16 and 18. I have one younger sister who is 13.My sisters names are Maila, Tia, Ori. They get there names from there culture Somoans, which is sorta Hawiann.My dad name is Romereo S,my stepmom name is Tia S and My mom name is Kimberly S.And this my family.

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