By Chrissy T.
Grade 6, Arizona

World War II

World War II is now an interesting subject for my grandfather. He told me a couple of things about it when I interviewed him for a class assignment. These are some things I learned. He was ten when the war started and he lived in Arizona while it was going on. He wasn't as affected by the war as a lot of people. It just seemed like every day life to him.

The war was a hard thing for almost everyone in the world. All foods were rationed and there was much starvation in the world. He, however, had it better than a lot of people. He lived on a farm, so he had many types of foods that were hard for other people to get.

When his mother would cook dinner, she would serve the same piece of meat for a week. Every night she would cook it with a different vegetable so, it would taste different. There were not many spices to make the taste better. He said it was one of the things he missed most.

He also said that his friends and himself wanted to go to war. They used to have fake gunfights. There were tanks that drove through town and he thought that it was really cool to see them drive by. He would make friends with soldiers he saw. He knew almost twenty of them.

His family was given gas for the tractor they owned. The gas was blue so they couldn't use it in cars. They knew that if they were caught using it in their car, they would be in trouble.

He told me that if the war hadn't happened his life probably would have turned out the same. He believes that the war didn't have much of an affect on his life. Nothing really changed him during the war. Things happen in life that has affect on some people and not others. The war is just one of those things.

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