By Oriana P.
Grade 8, Arkansas

On my behalf homework is not the biggest issue because students might not really listen in class thats why they dont do their homework ,and if they new how to do it they might not have a problem.But on giving too much homework ,might be a problem to ,because the students have 6 other class that they might have to do homework in ,and might have forgot all about their other subjects.That is not that big of a problem for a students parent to come up to the school and start to complain about the teachers is giving my child to much homework. Because the teachers really dont have to educate your child. They might be giving homework to help your child on what ever your child needs help on.Yes homework is really necessary and me myself hate doing homework everynight but I do my best because have a teacher name Ms.Betts who really encourage me to do better everyday. I used to make really bad grades and I was really bad but now im really proud of my self on what I put myself up to do ,and I really never thought of myself being all that smart.

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