Grade 6, Arizona

IT all started when helen s. was 18 years and was attending coollege . she was a music major. The first thing she noticed was that every boy was taken out of her college.she was lucky enough not to have any of her family in the war, because she had just a older sister , and her father was to old.She new one boy that was a friend her dads . he was also her best friend .He had been working with her dad for 2years . He was sent into war , and died. Helen new that just like that her whole life had just changed . She finished college in 3 years , and still thing s like butter, and meat were rationed. They also could only spend a sertain amount of money on groceries.The gasoline for cars were rationed.after a while the war ended . Helen S. said that the happiest day of her life was the day Japan surrendered.

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