By Brandon M.
Grade 8, Arkansas

Litter! What dose it mean? This is something all humans do, but as humans we don't think how our litter hurts living things such as plants and animals. Another kind of litter is big factories that produces gas like smoke in which poisons the air we and other living things breath. Along with big buisness comes toxic waste that we dump in the rivers and oceans where animals live. Each time we do this wenot only pollute our enviorment but also our selves. This is because the water we drink comes from natures resources, and even though the water is said to be clean you can not take all of its contents out. When we litter it affects our food supply because some animals think or trash is food and as they eat it they choke. There are some animals that are going endangered because of our garbage, so take a stand and help our world to keep its bueatiful plants and animals safe from our litter. Please don't litter, because if we stop our selves from littering it would help wildlife's both endangered and common living things survive alot longer.

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