New Jersey

By David L.
Grade 4, New Jersey
Country of Origin: South Korea

Lawrence L was born in Seoul, Korea in 1965. He left his country against his will, but followed his father to the U.S. Lawrence was excited because he was going to live in a different country. He was lucky because he didn't leave anything behind that he wanted to bring with him. He did leave family members behind. He left cousins, uncles, grandparents, and nephews. Lawrence missed his homeland because his friends and relatives were still there. The trip was special to Lawrence because it was the first flight ever in his life. Lawrence's first days in the U.S. were hot and humid. He arrived in Housten, Texas. He knew he had to study hard in order to make his parents happy.The hardest thing Lawrence had to face when he came to america was speaking English. Lawrence attended school in the U.S. He had problems by language differences. It was difficult for Lawrence to understand English and speak English. It was hard in the beginning but once he started to understand English, it was manageable. His first American friend was Manny. Manny helped Lawrence a lot and they became friends. The things similiar or different from what Lawrence expected was no matter where you are, you have to study hard. Lawrence got his job at Samsung America by interview. Some new foods Lawrence liked were spaggatti and pizza. The custom and cultures Lawrence maintain of his homeland was that he celebrated Korean traditional holidays. Korean people had to prepare traditional food and wear traditional clothes on those holidays. Lawrence whishes discrimination towards immigrants are gone foever.

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