New Jersey

By Joon S P.
Grade 4, New Jersey
Country of Origin: South Korea

Min SooKim was born in Dae Jon, South Korea on March 29,1995. He left his country because of his dad's occupation. Min soo felt sad to leave Korea but excited to come to America. When he left Korea, he wanted to bring his hamsters because it was his first pets. However he is lucky that he didn't leave any of his family members. Min Soo remembered when he was riding a plane that was terribly boring,but he had a good seat which made things teeny bit better. He arrived somewhere in Fort Lee and stayed at the Hillton Hotel. He remembers feeling scared. It was very complicated for him to sleep at night because of the difference in time beteween South Korea and America. But it was fun to him. Min Soo's hardest thing was trying to speak English. His ESL teacher helped him speak English when he needed to. His first American friend's name was Austin Kim. Austin Kim introduced him into every classroom in his school,so they became friends. There were a lot of problems that were caused by language difference. Min Soo's biggest problem was he couldn't express his feelings and say what he needed. Min Soo had many expectations. He expected America to be filled with buildings. He realized that America is not filled with buildings,so he knew he was wrong. Min Soo attended school and it was fun for him. His new favorite food is macaroni and cheese. He missed his friends and teachers. Min Soo maintains his cultures and customa today by celebrating every Korean holidays. It is fun for him to be part of America and part of Korea.

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