By Meghanne F.
Grade 6, Arizona

Kathleen F, was born in 1928 . She was 12 years old. For Kathleen and her family life was frighting because the Germans conduced air-raids not to far from her home everybody had to carry gas mask's because they were not sure when the air-raids whistes would go off. Everyday she would have to carry a gas mask's with her. When the whistle would go off she did not want to go to the shelter she ran home and hid under the stairways. She lived in Prescot, Landcaster -not too far from Liverpool. Now, the goverment has changed Lancaster to Merseyside, as it is now known. Like most people the two biggest problems were food and heat. They were on a very strict ration for food and coal for heat. Since their homes were heated by fireplaces, they always had to find some kind of fuel because coal was rationed. They would save potatoes peels, dry them out, and add these to the fires. They would walk to railroad tracks and try to find little pieces of voal that fell out of trains to burn in their stoves or fireplaces. As Kathleen got older she had to join the army and was assinged to a dairy farm where she did farm chores. She had to go home to take care of her father who was ill. Her happiest time was when the war ended, but they still had rationed hardship. The saddest days were when she and her family were worrying about her brother who was missing in action. But after the war ended, her brother retured home and she was very happy.

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