By Marissa C.
Grade 11, Pennsylvania

My grandfather and his brother Tom were both involved in World War II. My grandfather survived, but Tom, who was only 23 was killed. Although I never got to hear Tom's experiences I have heard my grandfather's. He has told me many stories, but there is one that keeps replaying over and over in my mind. When my grandfather was fighting, he saw many get killed, including his best friend who was killed right in front of him. He was shot in his right heel. He played dead as the enemies kicked him and hit him with their gun. He said it was then he thought he was dead. He laid there until they left, and the next hting he remembers is he was in a nurse station. The bullet went the entire way through his foot. He could actually pull a cloth through his heel. He got many penicillin shots, and by the grace of God didn't lose his foot. He eventually returned home a survivor and got married. He has many other stories about the sights and sounds of WWII, many of which I am sure he would like to forget. I'm just glad he is here today to be with our family and tell us of his experiences.

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