By Chris M.
Grade 4, California

We intervewed aproup of seniors at Bethel Retirment Center. We are in Mrs. Pyatt's fouth grade class at Virginia Parks Elementy Shool. We are going to make a powerpoint out of the information we got. The seniors names are Angela, Kay,Barbrara, Marylyn, Noreen. They gave us a lot of information about there school years. The funniest was a lady said that her teachers were big and fat. Our reaction was that we laughed. The kids in the class probably called the teacher names. The interesting thing was that they had to stand with their nose in a circle for punishments. Another is that they wore uniforms. The last surprising thing is the size of a class is 30 in a school. Something that is different about me and the seniors is that they had smaller schools. Something that is the same is that we both are going to school when there is a war going on. I learned that there are many things that are different now than before about school. I enjoyed learning about the seniors and their schools.

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