By Inderjeet G.
Grade 4, California

My fouth grade class went to Bethel Retirement Community.We interviewed some of the seniors.We went there because we did an oral history report with some of the residents.They told us about how old schools used to be. Teddie was the senior I met.Teddie's name was funny!Teddie,the senior we talked to,said her real name was Fedia!She said that it was hard to pronounce her name. Teddie told us some interesting stories.One of the stories was about a duststorm.When she was a little girl she lived in Kanas.One day she was coming home from school when suddenly a duststorm hit.She got so scared that she sat down and cried. The suprising story Teddie told us was about getting punished.The story was that when they were getting punished the punishment was to put your nose in a circle. I learned from the seniors some things that were alike and different about us.One of the things that was alike is when Teddie saw a duststorm and was scared it was like when I rode my dads minibike.One thing that is different is that they didn't have alot of homework. Now I know how old schools used to be in 1920's - 1940's.I really enjoyed going to Bethel Retirement Community.I learned a lot from these remarkable people.

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