By Diana S.
Grade 4, California

My fourth grade class and I went on a fieldtrip to Bethels Retirement Community.We went there to interview a few seniors also to help us do our writing projects. One of the funny stories they told us was that if you got in trouble you had to go in the clothes closet to think about what they did but instead they played jacks.One told us that they never got in trouble because no one ever saw them. One of the most interesting things they told us about was when Teddie was once in a dust storm.She said that she was on her horse all alone.She was very scared and that she started to cry.Luckily her horse saved her.She liked her horse a lot. Something that suprised me was there was no kindergarten only grades 1-8.That suprised me because I though they had kindergarten.Another thing that suprised me was that that they went home for lunch. There were some things we had in common one was they all loved to read.They loved to read mystery and adventure books.Some things were different.They had to pick cotton on their fieldtrips and we don't.They also went to school during war and we do to. We thank the seniors for taking the time to talk to us.It helped us on our writing projects.If we had made it ourselvs it wouldn't be the same.

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