By Jordan c.
Grade 4, California

Our fouth grade class went to Bethel Retirement Community to do an oral history report and to interview seniors that live there.The seniors that my group talked to had some interesting things to say.All of the seniors that our class talked to had very interesting stories that everybody will enjoy.Here are some of the ones I heard. One of the stories I heard was a school prank on the teacher.A girl in the class found and caught a horn toad lizard and put it in the teachers desk.Another story I heard was a lady remembered her teacher being big and fat.All of the stories I heard had something interesting or suprising in them. The most suprising thing I heard while interviewing the seniors was this.One of ladies we intervewed was the daughter of a past mayor of Ceres and he had a soda fountain.The lady's name that we interviewed was Barbra. When I interviewed someone named Marilyn she had a story about her 7th grade field trip She went to a cotton field and picked cotton for farmers.Marilyn went on her field trip during the war.That was interesting to me. When I was interviewing the seniors I found a lot of things that made us alike and different.One alike was that we like world history.One of the differences was that Barbara's dad was mayor of Ceres and my dad is not.These are things I found out when I interviewed these people.

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