By Jonathan B.
Grade 4, California

Our fourth grade class went to Bethel Retirement Community. I really liked asking about their school life. I really had fun. One of the funniest things that I heard was about a girl who stuck a horned toad in her teacher's desk. I really thought that was funny. But I don't think it was funny for the teacher. I would never do that! Boy she really learned a lesson when she got whacked on the back. I really thought that having no field trips was really interesting. You only had to stay inside. I would not like that.! They probably did not have a school bus. I was really interested to hear about this and it made me feel upset and sad for them. I heard something that really surprised me. There were only 4 to 8 people in a classroom. There would probably be less noise, also it's easier for the teacher to teach. I really had fun asking questions. I would like to go again.

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