By Adriana T.
Grade 4, California

Our special fourth grade class went to Bethel Retirement Community.We interviewed five special ladies.We asked them about their school adventures. The funniest things that they remembered was that they put a nasty,spikey,and ugly lizard in the teacher's cabinet.They remembered their teacher was big and fat. They liked to dance around a pole. The most interesting thing I heard while I was there was that almost all of the ladies liked World History. As a punishment the teachers would put them in the closet for a long time. Somethings that surprirsed me was that they would be tied to a tree as a punishment. They went to the fields for a fieldtrips to pick cotton.The teacher made a circle on the chalk board and put there nose in it. There are some things that the seniors and I have in common and some things are different. Kay said that she likes reading and I like reading.They had 3-5 grades in one classroom and I have one grade in one class. I really enjoyed asking questions to them.I really learned some interesting things about going to school a long time ago.

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