By Taylor M.
Grade 4, California

Our fourth grade class went to Bethel Retirement Community for oral history. We interviewed some of the senior citzens. We asked them some questions and here are some things that we learned. When I was interviewing a senior she told me a funny story. She had told me that one time her sister had caught a horntoad. Then after she caught it she put the horntoad inside her teacher's desk.After that the teacher took a yard stick and swatted her on the back. All she did was stand there and laugh. One of the interesting things a senior told me was that everybody in their class had to get along or they would get in trouble and get whipped not only by the teacher but also by their parents. Something that surprised me was that only one teacher taught all classes from 1st grade all the way up to 8th grade.When I was interviewing the seniors I found out that we had many likes and differences between us. One thing that we had in common was that we liked to play board games.One of our differences was that they didn't have a cafeteria.We thank the senior citizens for taking the time to talk to us. It helped us a lot on our writing project. If we made it up ourselves it wouldn't be the same.

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