By Carlos A.
Grade 4, California

My class went to Bethel Retirement Community to ask people questions.The place was really big like a mansion.I think that my class liked it. One of the ladies told us a funny story.She said that she put a horned toad in the teacher's desk.The teacher found out and she hit her.Then her sister was laughing because she got hit. The interesting part was that there was 8 classes in one room.The teacher must have been tired.That must mean that the children already knew the teacher for a long time because they had her every year. The surprising part was that there was 12 to 18 children in the whole school.Everyone must have known each other.There would not be that many people in school,lunch or at recess. The seniors and I are alike because we play sports.The thing that make us different is they play softball,I play soccer.People should play sports like me and the seniors.I learned that the seniors and I have different lives. They did not have what we have now like tether ball. We have marbles like they did.

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