By Bob l.
Grade 4, California

We are in Mrs.P's fourth grade class.We are doing this oral history report and went to Bethel Retirement Community.To get informtion about how schools used to be.The funniest thing I heard was that a lady remembered that her teacher was big and fat.Our reaction was that we laughed.The kids in the class probably called the teacher names.The most interesting thing I heard was that a lady had to sit with her nose in a circle.A lady's dad had a soda fountain.Her dad was also the mayor of our town.The most suprising thing that I heard was that a lady got tied to a tree for punishment.Another suprising thing I heard was that the lady had to wear uniforms. The size of the lady's school was 30. There are 30 people in my class! Something that made us alike was that they went to school during a war like we are. Something that made us different was they had small classes.Now I know that some people were treated pretty terrible in school but somethings were nice. I enjoyed learning about these seniors and their schools.

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