By Gustavo R.
Grade 4, California

Our fourth grade class went to Bethel Retirement Community center.We interviewed some seniors in groups of three.It was a great field trip and I liked it. The funniest story that I heard was how a senior got to be called Teddie.Her real name is Feada,but it was hard to remember,so her friends called her Teddie.That's what she is still called. The interesting part is the duststorm.Teddie told us about being caught in one.In the computer,I saw a picture of a duststorm like Teddie described.It was a long time ago.If I saw a duststorm today,I would run away fast. A suprising story we heard was that they got to get out of school when they ran out of chalk.Teddie told us about it.If we could still do that then I would like this school a lot.Teddie must have been lucky to have gone to that school. I don't know how long ago that was. Teddie is most like me.She likes to read a lot.I like to read a lot too.I don't know why she likes reading a lot. That's what makes us alike. In conclusions we said good bye to the seniors we interviewed.They will come to our school this Friday. They are going to see our classroom. That's the end of the story.

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