By Eric M.
Grade 4, California

Our fourth grade class had a special writing project. We wanted to do an oral history report on some ladies.We went to Bethel Retirement Community to interview them and to learn about what they did in school back in the 1930's and 1940's. One of the funniest stories that I heard from the senior was when her sister put a horned toad lizard in her teacher's desk.Another story that was funny was when a teacher hung a kid up on a flag pole because he wasn't behaving and the boy licked the pole and his tongue got stuck.One lady said she was the teacher's pet.The most intersting thing that I thought was cool was that their school had all 8 grades in one school. They only had one teacher for all the grades. There were four people in a class.The most surprising thing that was cool is they never fought or they would get whooped at school and at home. They had to take their shoes off in class and they brought their own supplies to school.The thing that we had in common is that we all played games. I like to read and so did they. We all liked school. The part I liked about this assignment is that we got to go to the place and interview them. I learned a lot doing this assignment. I wish we could go back and do it again,

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