New York

By Jim B.
Grade 12, New York
Country of Origin: Italy

Francesco Dimino was born May 10,1899 in Grotte,Sicily.He came to the US on June 6,1912 at the age of 13. He came on the Sant Anna.He departed in palermo,sicily. He came with his father (Andrea Dimino)and his Aunt(Maria)and his wife's brother (calogero). Carmella Valenti-Dimino was born December 13,1905 in Grotte,sicily.She came to the US on July 10,1907at the age of 2.She came to the US on the Neckar.She departed italy from Naples Italy.She came with her mother(Vincenza D'Lorenzo) and her brother franceso (5 years old) Luigi Beato was born on October 25,1891 in casalbordino,italy. he came to the US May 2,1910 at the age of 19.he came to the US on the Hamburg.he departed from Naples,Italy

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