By Amber B.
Grade 5, Ohio
Country of Origin: United States

Edith B came from Germany to here because she married an American Solder. She is divorced now, but has two children. One boy and a little girl. Her dadĂs name is Karl and he was a Fireman. Her momĂs name is Maria and she worked in a German factory. Edith now lives in New Philadelphia. In Germany, Edith lived in a town called Kusel. Edith came here by airplane when she was 20 years old. She first went to Missouri and then to Texas and after that she came to Ohio. Edith loves to see new places and likes to travel. She drives a small Saturn car. Edith has one pet Dachshound dog, which is also her favorite animal. She loves the colors purple and lilac. EdithĂs favorite food and drinks from Germany are German sausage and beer with coke and cake and coffee. In America her favorite foods are taco salad and ice cream. Edith likes to read magazines, both American and German. Her lucky number is 7. Her favorite season is Spring and the month of May, she loves all flowers that smell good. Edith enjoys listening to Rock and Roll music and watching talk shows and the news. She likes all of the Holidays so she can get a day off of work! In Germany, she liked to watch soccer and gymnastics; in America she likes football the best. She loves to walk her dog that she says is fat. She also loves to sleep because she works nights and donĂt get much sleep. In Germany, Edith worked in a factory making televisions. In America, she works in a factory making car parts. Edith is 5 foot 4 inches and has red hair and grey eyes. Edith was born in 1950 in Kusel in the house where she lived. She always says she ˘looks old÷! Edith is good friends with my Dad and every year she goes to Germany for 4 weeks to visit her family and home town.

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