By Kaylee S.
Grade 3, Florida

Have you ever heard of an MK? An MK is a Missionary Kid. My dad was one for eight years in Panama! My dad enjoyed staying with friends at the dorm. He went to a missionary school called Chame Missionary School. He went there because it was the only English-speaking school. His teachersĂ names were Dorothy Westerberg and Harry Hudleston. ˘One time I wrote a poem about a bellybutton,÷ he said, ˘and I got in trouble for being crude.÷ His friendsĂ names were Julian, Carlos and Jimmy. ˘Julian was a good story teller,÷ my dad reminisced. ˘We stayed up Štill two a.m. telling stories at night.÷ He had fun with them because they were his age and they had things in common. The religions in Panama were Catholic, a few Buddhists and Christian. He lived in a city called Chame. My dad mostly rode a maroon bicycle or walked. His favorite memory of Panama is that he loved going into the tropical jungle hunting doves and iguanas for food. When asked what they taste like, he answered ˘Doves taste like turkey and iguanas taste like chicken.÷ My dad told me, ˘The jungle had lots of vines, trees, ticks, bugs and fruit.÷ What my dad enjoyed the most about Panama was going in the jungle and exploring. What my dad liked least about Panama was that he was away from relatives. There was nothing he disliked about being an M.K. ˘I wouldnĂt give it up for the world.÷

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