By Lauren I.
Grade 8, Florida

Imagine skiing down the beautiful Andes Mountains, or walking though a huge wine garden, peacefully picking grapes to make wine with. Clearly, I would go to Germany over any other place in the world. The landscape is gorgeous, the towns and buildings hold so much history, and the peaceful culture of Germans would enlighten any soul. If you are looking for a romantic get away, Germany should be your first choice. The Black forest is one of the thickest forests in the world. It is home to up to sixty-one different species of animals. They have an awesome boardwalk that goes through the entire forest showing tourists the different animal types and plant types. You are on a European tour, wanting to learn about some history. In the Southern part of Germany is a very interesting castle from the seventeen hundreds. The name of that castle is Naushwanstien. This is the original Disney castle. It was meant to have forty-three rooms, but unfortunately only twelve rooms were completed, due to the tragic death of the king. Plus, during the Holocaust, concentration camps were set up in Germany. Some of those camps are still there, and now used as a Holocaust Memorial Museum. Almost seventy-five percent of American citizens are obese. In Germany, most every German is in good health and physical condition due to their culture. Germans have gardens where they grow fruits and vegetables to cook. Most all of their food is fresh. Also, Germans arenĘt workaholics. They find time to spend w/ their families and enjoy taking a break in the middle of the day. In conclusion, Germany is my number one place to go. So again, imagine that you were given an opportunity to go to ANY place in the world. DonĘt tell me you would go to any other place than Germany. I would just love to go skiing though the snowy Andres, learn more about the terrible concentration camps, and pick fresh vegetables from a garden to cook with. To live in Germany would be an awesome lifestyle for me. One day IĘll get smart and move there.

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