By Jorge M.
Grade 8, Florida

UNIFORMS Students should wear uniforms to school because imagine how their future would be like or the future of a better world. How would their lives be? What kind of friends they would have? And what kind of life style would they have at home or at work?

Uniforms teach students how to follow rules throughout their lives. Although today some students say they want to break the rules, but one day theyĂll understand that breaking the rules in the outside world has worse consequences than in school. And if they do commit that error of breaking the rules they will have more knowledge and respect towards the world and society.

Wearing a uniform will definitely get a student prepared for being a business man or working in an office; because the student would already know how to tie a tie and he/she would know how it feels like to wear that kind of clothing. But of course kids will say that they donĂt want to work in an office but instead they want to be in a band or they want to play a sport but what if that doesnĂt work out then , thatĂs where college fits in. If you went to college then you would have a degree in something and most likely in something business like so you would go to the interview for the job dressed up all nice like you did when you went to school and you would maybe get the job, but if you didnĂt go to a school where they didnĂt have uniforms then they probably wouldnĂt know how to dress up with a tie and all that nice stuff so they wouldnĂt get the job because they are not well dressed and they would set a bad image to that company.

The students who where uniforms in there school would look more organized then the students who donĂt wear uniforms in school, but students would say that they donĂt want to be neat because neat is scary, but again when they get older they have more knowledge.

And what about the students love life? Who would like to go out with a messy boy or girl that never cleans up anything? I donĂt think anyone would like to go out with that kind of person, but if you are organized and a very scheduled person then they will have more luck.

If you wear uniforms in school and you know how to dress nice because of uniforms then it makes people look polite and it looks like they have great manners and of course kids will say that they want to be bad because all boys and girls like bad boyfriends or girlfriends but kids realize that is not true because when they grow up then peopleĂs likes change and that is no longer true.

And finally most importantly shows that everyone is equal. And of course students would say that they want to be different and that they want to be unique. But studies have shown that there is less discrimination against people in school where they have uniforms. And that because students who wear uniforms canĂt say things like: ˘hey that kid looks like a geek with his unfashionable clothes.÷ And itĂs good because I know no one likes to be made fun of. So thatĂs why students should go to school in uniforms.

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