New York

By Joseph J.
Grade 9, New York

The Crazy Family There was this boy by the name of Don. He had a very crazy family. They did very unusual things. One time him and his little brothers and, sister woke up christmas morning without gifts. So he wondered what happen. His mother told him the $100.00 dollar welfare check didn't arrive just yet. So she wraped gifts from the heart. Don got a hammer,nails,and a tool kit. Don became very angrey and threw a nail at the wall. To mind you Don and his family lived in a shack. So when he threw the nail the wall callapsed on his mom. Don was three years of age his little brother was two and his sister was one month. They lifted the wall off of there mom with there amazing strengh, to see that her brain was stuck to one of the walls in the house. Don being the oldest took his shoe laces and tied her brain to her head. Being that her brain was gone for a few hours she became unconsious. Since they had no money to go to the doctor, Don decided to be the doctor that day. He brought her cold soup and powder milk. After Don took care of her she woke up out of her one hour comma. Dons mom suprizingly wanted to get up and fix the kids a huge breakfast. The breakfast was pasta, while she was making the food her brain slithered into the pot of sauce. She didnt't even notice. she fix the kids brain pasta. The kids enjoyed it. Don being the oldest was the only child to reveal the hiddin secret that he could see straight through his mothers head. He didn;t say anything because nobody noticed. (he didn't want to disturb the mode). His mom was playing with his little brother, and the baby through a brick at the mothers head. The mother immediatly collapsed. A few minutes passed and she got up and said

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