By Minerva V.
Grade 11, Minnesota
Country of Origin: Mexico

When I immigrated to United States I didnĘt have family. I was sad because I missed my country and I was scare here because I didnĘt have friends. I felt lonely and sometimes I thought about going back to my country. When I arrived here in United States I didnĘt speak English. I could not get a job. I was scared because I didnĘt take the bus. And people speak to me I did not understand nothing in English. I felt bad because when I going to the store I didnĘt know how pay because I did not understen how much I pay My life was difficult for me because I missed many things in my country for example, my mom and my family. I missed some places from my country, I missed shopping for shoes, I missed my friends, and I missed my momĘs cooking. I missed eating Mexican food like tamales.

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