By Paco M.
Grade 9, Minnesota
Country of Origin: Mexico

Learning English was hard, because people were communicating with me and I wanted to talk back to the people. I also needed to talk English at school so they will let me go to the bathroom and to my locker and do some other stuff. And the fist day of school I was scared, because I never been in school like that-everybody was speaking English to me. The houses in Minnesota are different from the houses in MTxico. In MTxico they are made out of brick in America the house are made out of wood. In MTxico house are a lot bigger. We didnĘt need heaters in Mexico and in Richfield we need heaters because is cold here. Also in MTxico there are no basements because there are no tornados there and in Minnesota you need to have a basement if you want to get away. I never communicated with people of other skin color then me. I remember when I was little I always saw them but I never talked to them. When I came to America my neighborhood had black and white people. Later I communicated with people of other skin color and when I talked to them it seemed normal to me.

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