New York

By Tito I.
Grade 4, New York
Country of Origin: Mexico

I interviewed Ramona. She came from Mexico in 1987. She came to live in New York City 11 years ago. She came with her husband and her son on an airplane. Ramona used her passport to get into the United States of America. She was looking for a better life for her and her family. Ramona was born in Mexico. When she first came to this counry she spoke only Spanish. She didn't have any friends or family in the U.S.A.. Today Ramona is retired, but when she first came here she had a hard time getting a job. She had to learn English. Ramona is very happy living in New York City. Some of her family from Mexico came here to live with her. She misses her country because of the difference in customs. When she left Mexico she was sad. Now she has a family and many friends living in the U.S.A.. Today she feels very happy.

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