By Jessica A.
Grade 2, Other

The furthest back I can remember is when I swallowed a medal. It was a shiny medal. Dad jolted me, pushing all the air out of my lungs and the medal flew out. I then remember Michael being born. Mummy had to stay at the hospital for days because Michael was ill. He had breathed in his own waste. When he got back I was overjoyed. Then I remember grandma dying. I am not sure when this was but I do remember seeing her in a bed at the hospital. Next we went on holiday. There was me, Michael, Mummy, Daddy and grandad. I think it took place on May 2005. I don't know which day though. Soon, on Sunday,in June,me, Michael and mummy went into grandad's house. We all serched for grandad. Mummy serched in grandad's room. She rushed downstairs. She told us that grandad had died. Then, in September, I moved into Year Two. My new teacher was Mrs Lemmon. She was very kind and she showed us where everything was. Later, It was my Birthday and then It was chrismas. I met baby Timmy, Michael had his birthday and much, much more. Soon after I sat down in the office, writing all I can remember. THE END

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