Writing Workshop: Research Paper

 Worksheet 1: Choosing Resources Mini-Lesson 

For each question, choose the best resource to use, and circle it. If you need help, read "types of resources" below.

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1. Zoe is doing a report on Zimbabwe and needs to know what the country's average temperature is in the winter. Where should she look first?

a. dictionary
b. television
c. almanac
d. newspaper

2. Brian needs to know the distance between Brussels and Brisbane. What resource should he use first?

a. personal interview
b. newspaper
c. encyclopedia
d. atlas

3. Michael wants the latest medical news about mumps. Which of the following would provide him with the latest research information?

a. books
b. Internet
c. atlas
d. newspaper

4. Ben is doing research on zebras and wants to read a good general background article on the animal. Where should he look?

a. newspaper
b. almanac
c. encyclopedia
d. interview with someone that's been on an African Safari

5. Sue wants to know what the life of a teacher might be like. Where should she turn?

a. dictionary
b. an interview with a teacher
c. encyclopedia
d. educational journal

6. Jessie wants to read about the airport expansion project currently taking place in her city. The information seems to change daily. Where should she go for information?

a. encyclopedia
b. reference book on airports
c. local newspaper
d. almanac

Types of resources:

1. An almanac contains facts such as weather, population, currency, and geographical data.
2. An atlas contains maps and most atlases also have mileage indicators.
3. The Internet contains current information on many topics, including current weather.
4. An encyclopedia provides a good overall look at a topic.
5. A live interview provides a first-hand account of a person's experiences.
6. A newspaper contains current events, newsworthy topics, or entertainment information.