Writing Workshop: Persuasive Writing

 Worksheet 2: It's a Fact Mini-Lesson 

Using supporting examples

Creating a successful persuasive essay requires that you argue facts, not opinions. In order to write a convincing paper you must first establish your facts and then provide statements to support those facts.

Here are a few examples:

John loves music. He plays the piano and the flute.

Jessie loves to read. Her favorite authors are Beverly Cleary and Louis Sachar. She likes to read for at least an hour every night after dinner.

It is important to read to young children. Research shows that children who are read to from birth until they reach school age, score significantly higher in all academic areas.

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Choose the example that best supports the statement.

1. Random locker searches create a safer school environment.
a. Many knives, guns, and drugs have been confiscated
b. lockers are much neater now
c. principals often laugh at what they see
2. Girls that play sports are more successful later in life.
a. out of 1,000 women polled, 85% of those who ranked themselves as happy and successful in their chosen professions also noted that they participated in sports during their childhood
b. soccer is a favorite sport
c. drinking lots of water during physical activity is important
3. School lunches are among the least nutritious meals served in town.
a. my favorite lunch is pizza, salad, and brownies
b. I never buy my lunch at school
c. nutritionists analyzed an average week's lunches and found them to be lacking in many essential vitamins and minerals while at the same time loaded with fat and sugar.
4. Banning a book is not always the most favorable solution to a problem.
a. often, banned books become the most well-read books in school—banning them only causes more students to want to read them.
b. Book burning is wrong
c. The Wizard of Oz is not like the movie
5. Children watch too much television.
a. cartoons are often very funny
b. studies show that the average child watches three hours of TV per day
c. our family owns four televisions
6. Computer and video game rating systems do very little to actually protect under-aged children from violent material.
a. I love to play racing games on my game system
b. the "T" and "M" ratings on games seem to be the most frequently purchased and rented by children or by parents for their children.
c. sound systems on most game consoles are poor