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Quiz Challenge

Take this quiz and score yourself to find out how well you know hurricanes! At the end of the quiz, click "Score" You'll then have a second chance to answer any questions you got wrong.

1. The following is part of a hurricane:

a) the eye

b) feeder bands

c) eye wall

d) all of the above
2. Feeder bands:

a) become storms on their own by feeding off the hurricane

b) originate from inside the hurricane

c) can increase the power of the storm by providing energy

d) guide the clouds towards the center of the storm
3. What mistake might a family make in creating their supply kit?

a) They included too much candy and now their teeth will rot.

b) They included bottled water even though the hurricane will bring tons of rain.

c) They did not include a radio, so they wonít know when to evacuate.

d) They forgot to buy extra batteries to keep the flashlight working.
4. To increase the stormís energy, feeder bands must be located over:

a) cool water

b) warm water

c) a power plant

d) a swamp
5. Why do you need to create an emergency plan for your pet?

a) Pets get scared in storms.

b) Not all emergency shelters allow animals, so special arrangements need to be made.

c) Pets may hide during a storm.

d) Pets donít need emergency plans because they can swim.
6. Why would the lawn furniture belong inside the house during a storm?

a) Heavy winds could blow the furniture into people or homes, causing injuries or damage.

b) The lawn chairs can provide more places for the family to sit.

c) The family could take the furniture with them when they evacuate.

d) The furniture will get wet if left outside during a storm.
7. Feeder bands are:

a) a group of clouds that surround the eye of the storm

b) called that because they make a lot of noise

c) located in the center of the storm

d) where most of the rain and thunderstorms of the hurricane occur
8. Of the following, what should a family include in their kit?

a) videos, in case the TV loses reception

b) an umbrella to stay dry during the storm

c) canned food, in case the family cannot leave the house

d) CD entitled Everyoneís Favorite Hurricane Tunes
9. The most violent part of the storm is located in the:

a) eye of the storm

b) eye wall

c) outside the hurricane

d) feeder bands
10. Advanced planning will:

a) not matter in the face of a hurricane

b) be a waste of time

c) make handling a disaster easier and less stressful

d) mean hurricanes canít harm people or property