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Case 3: India
It's spring on the coast of India. The land is warming up. The water in the Indian Ocean is still cool. Strong, constant winds begin to blow from the ocean. These winds bring damp air across the land. As the air rises over mountains, water rains down. Day after day it rains. Towns flood. But farmers are thankful. They depend on this yearly event to get water for their crops.

Investigate the Case
Use the links to find answers to the questions below. The more facts you gather, the closer you'll be to solving the case.

Fact 1: When is the rainy season in the Indian city of Mumbai?

Find the answer at:

Fact 2: What are the causes for this rain?

Find the answer at:

Fact 3: What is the word for this rainy period and what does it mean?

Find the answer at:

Share Your Findings
Enter your answers. Then use those facts to summarize the reasons for the mysterious weather conditions.

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