Book Wizard
Use the Book Wizard to create your own themed book lists.

Planning for the Year
Teacher using to find lesson plans, online activities, and teaching ideas for the entire year.
Top 13 Ways to Use Scholastic All Year Long (PreK–12)
As you plan for the year, try these tips to help you take advantage of all that has to offer — your go-to-source for classroom efficiency, curriculum breadth and instructional resources all year long!
Online Activity: Writing With Writers: Folktales
Plan Your Year: Top 10 Online Activities (PreK–12)
Bring a new dimension to your curriculum with online interactives containing photographs, audio, online publishing, and more.
Seasonal Lesson Plans for every month of the year
Thematic Units and Lesson Plans
Find lesson plans, discussion guides, and unit plans for every season and subject.
Book Wizard
Book Wizard (PreK–12)
Find just the right books to support all of your lessons and create class reading lists.
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Getting Your Classroom Ready
Student reading independently in classroom library
Building and Organizing Your Classroom Library(PreK–8)
Find tips for starting your first classroom library, adding new books, and giving an old library an overhaul, as well as book lists of the best classroom library titles.
Back to School Checklist
Back-to-School Checklist (PreK–12)
Start the year by evaluating your classroom routine and getting yourself and your students ready to achieve.
Teacher decorating her classroom to promote student involvement
10 Ways to Decorate Your Classroom (PreK–5)
Refresh a ho-hum learning space with colorful ideas that increase students’ sense of involvement.
Teachers’ best bulletin board and classroom display ideas
Top 5 Bulletin Board Ideas (PreK–8)
Submitted by teachers like you, these classroom-tested displays are our editors’ picks for the best.
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First Week Activities
Creating a Classroom Community
Creating a Classroom Community (PreK–12)
Want to transform class into memorable character-building experience? Foster solid friendships and learning partnerships with these teaching ideas.
Students get acquainted with creative first-day projects
Top 5 Ways to Get to Know Your Students
Browse teacher-submitted and approved ideas that won the monthly Winning Ideas contest.
Students participate in getting-to-know you icebreakers and first-day activities
Activities to Help Students Settle In (PreK–12)
These ideas and getting-to-know-you activities make students feel welcome and comfortable in their new learning environment.
High school students get to know one another during their first week in class
The Critical First Week of High School (9-12)
High school teacher Nicole Sledge shares her strategies for building rapport with students and breaking the ice.
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Classroom Management
A successful teacher maintains control over the classroom environment while promoting student involvement
Great Classroom Management Right from the Start (PreK–12)
These teacher-tested Winning Ideas involve techniques you can implement from day one and keep up with throughout the year.
Engaging Students From Day One
Engaging Students From Day One (PreK–12)
How do we maintain control in the classroom yet still give children the freedom to explore, create, and experiment? The key is keeping them actively engaged.
Beth Newingham’s Tips & Strategies
Beth Newingham’s Classroom Tips & Strategies (K–5)
Advice from the veteran Teacher Advisor includes ideas for student jobs, classroom management in reading workshops, and setting up themes for the school year.
Classroom Management in Photographs
Creating Classroom Routines & Procedures (PreK–5)
View full-color slideshows of full-color photographs inside real classrooms in order to establish effective routines for all parts of the day.
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Parent Teacher Communication
Teacher Conferences
A Guide to Parent-Teacher Conferences
Success strategies from seasoned teachers take you from the invitation to conducting the conference all the way through to your follow-up plan.
Communicate with parents by using postcards and other alternatives to parent-teacher conferences
Helpful Hints for Communicating With Parents (PreK–12)
For those times when face-to-face conferences are not possible or necessary, you can communicate effectively in other ways.
An informed parent smiles after a successful parent-teacher conference
Parent Communication Strategies (PreK–12)
Our teacher advisors share how they keep parents involved all year long and handle difficult situations with parents.
A teacher plans for Parents’ Night
Building Strong Relationships With Parents (PreK–12)
Build mutual trust with parents with advice on parent-teacher conferences, open school night, and involving hard-to-reach parents.
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