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The Gigest Children's Book in the World Shaquille O'Neal Basketball Superstar

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The Gigest Children's Book in the World

Bigger than Shaquille O'Neal . . . Generating more dreams than a giant pile of pillows…

It's The Biggest Children's Book in the World, a book of YOUR writing on the theme, "My Dream for a Better World."

Project Update!!!

Thanks for sharing your Big dreams for your homes, schools, communities, the nation and the world. The Scholastic staff is currently reading the thousands of essays that were received for The Biggest Children's Book in the World.

Watch this site for all the exciting activities when we unveil the giant book at the end of the summer. Click here to create and print out your very own Biggest Children's Book in the World certificate!

Sorry, but the deadline for entries has passed. Look for other exciting contests and sweepstakes on

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. The Biggest Children's Book project is open to students in grades 3-12. Void where prohibited by law. Taxes on prizes are the sole responsibility of the prize winners and their families. For a complete set of rules click here.

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