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Lesson 1: Beginning Consonants
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Lesson 4: Long Vowels
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While students enjoy Clifford Interactive Storybooks, they will be participating in activities that correlate with many of the national standards for reading and language arts.

Relevant standards for reading instruction as set forth by the National Council of Teachers of English include:

Students demonstrate competence in general skills and strategies of the reading process. Students:

  • Understand that print conveys meaning
  • Use picture clues to aid comprehension
  • Decode unknown words using basic elements of phonetic analysis
  • Read aloud familiar stories

Listed below are the specific phonics skills covered in each of Clifford's stories.

  • Where Is Emily? — initial consonants
  • Clifford's Big Dig — confusable letter pairs
  • Here, Clifford! — short vowels
  • Emily Elizabeth Goes to School — long vowels