Teacher's Guide To Using Clubs
Getting Started
Participating in Book Clubs is easy!

Once you place your first order you will receive a new Club catalog each month. If you are new to clubs click here to request the catalog that is just right for your classroom.

The glossy-paged section of the catalog is for you! It includes each month’s special promotion, valuable information on selected books and authors plus special offers just for teachers.

The student flyers are found in the middle of the catalog. Distribute one Club flyer to each student in your class. Set a date for students to return their order form and payment to you.

Tip! Get your students excited! Review the student flyer with them. Look for favorite authors, share recommendations, and point out one or two books to each student that you know they'd just love to read.
Tip! Get Parents Involved!
Send home an introductory letter explaining Clubs and its benefits. Attach it to the student flyer or share it with parents during Back-to-School nights.

Click here (RTF) to download a reproducible Introductory Letter for Parents.

Send a letter home with each monthly flyer. Include your book recommendations and a due date. Let parents know that with each purchase they are helping earn resources for their child’s classroom.

Click here (RTF) to download a reproducible monthly letter for parents.

NEW THIS YEAR— Parents can submit their orders directly to you online! In addition to parents placing their orders by returning the student order form and payment to you in the classroom, you can offer them the opportunity to use Parent Ordering Online to send their orders directly to you online and their credit card payment directly to Scholastic.

It’s easy to use and less paperwork for you!

Click here for more details on Parent Ordering Online.

Participating in Scholastic Book Clubs is Rewarding!

Bonus Points are earned each time you order — at least one Bonus Point for every dollar you and your class spend, starting with your very first order! Plus each monthly catalog includes opportunities to earn EXTRA Bonus Points. The more you order, the more Bonus Points you earn, and Bonus Points never expire!

You can use your Bonus Points to build your classroom library by getting FREE books and software from any of our monthly catalogs or by ordering from the 2005–2006 Bonus Catalog — packed with something for every classroom, including book sets, classroom organizers, electronics, and more!

  1. Redeeming Bonus Points for any item in the monthly Book Club catalogs
    • Online: Choose an option under the “Order with Bonus Points” tab
    • By Phone: Tell the Customer Service Representative which items you would like to take free with Bonus Points as you read off your order.
    • By Mail: Indicate your selections and number of Bonus Points used in the “Redeem Bonus Points” column on the classroom order form
  2. Redeeming Bonus Points for any item in the 2005–2006 Bonus Catalog
    • Online: Look for the link to the Bonus Catalog when placing your order.
    • By Mail: Write the item number(s) on the bottom of the teacher order form in the “Classroom Bonus Catalog” section.
    • By Phone: Tell the representative the Bonus Catalog item number(s) when calling in your Book Club order.
Tip! Redeem your Bonus Points while placing an order of $20.00 or more to avoid an additional $3.50 service fee. You can use Bonus Points earned on your current order and/or from your Bonus Point Bank account.
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