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Heat, Light and Sound: Energy at Work
Melvin Berger

Amusing illustrations show the many ways in which sound, heat, and light work to help us in our daily lives.

Ages 4–8
48 pp.
Order Number: GLA46103

From Seed to Plant
Gail Gibbon

Detailed, colorful illustrations and simple language bring the reader through plant reproduction, seed dispersal, pollen transference, and seed germination. "An appealing presentation of basic science." — Horn Book

Ages 6–8
32 pp.
Order Number: GLA63892

Emergent Readers: Science Collection
· Animal Babies
· Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!
· Colors in the Desert
· Coral Reef
· Counting Penguins
· Homes in the Grounds
· Monkeys
· Polar Bears
· Rainforest Colors
· Where Do Inserts Live?

This collection of science titles are perfect for young readers!

Ages 4–6
List Price: $43.50 You Pay Only $25.23
Order Number: GLA913835

Physical Science Collection
· All About Things People Do
· Beacons of Light: Lighthouses
· Curious George Rides a Bike
· The Little Engine That Could
· Of Colors and Things
· On the Go
· Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe
· Who Said Red?

This collection introduces Grades K and 1 students to the world around them.

Ages 5–7
List Price: $30.15 You Pay Only $17.50
Order Number: GLA913885

Life Science Collection
· Animal Tracks
· Armies of Ants
· Body Battles
· Bugs
· The Carrot Seed
· Chickens Aren't the Only Ones
· Endangered Animals
· I Wonder Why Snakes Shed Their Skins
· Ibis: A True Whale Story
· The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body

In age-appropriate words and images, young students are exposed to life science.

Ages 5–7
List Price: $40.68 You Pay Only $25.00
Order Number: GLA57674

A Drop of Water: A Book of Science and Wonder
Walter Wick

While admiring amazing photographs capturing such moments as the "crown" created by a water drop splashing in a pool or a "wild wave" caused by an egg dropped in a water glass, readers will learn about evaporation, condensation, snowflakes, how clouds form, and more. "A fine, eye-catching introduction to a well-focussed topic." — Booklist

Ages 8–10
40 pp.
Order Number: GLAO2319

The Magic School Bus (Series)
Joanna Cole

Author Joanna Cole and illustrator Bruce Degen make learning a spirited joyride, delighting young audiences with their fantastic journeys to the eye of a hurricane, the bottom of the ocean, and the center of the earth, to name just a few. Author and illustrator have said they were each inspired by an important teacher in their classroom days — very much like Ms. Frizzle! "Cole presents the science in easy-to-understand terms, with Degen clarifying the concepts and adding comic relief through … pictures that brim with details . . . . A great combination of fantasy and science." — Booklist

Various titles
Ages 8–10
$4.99 paperback
$14.95 hardcover

Physical Science Collection
· Experiment With Movement
· Experiment With Water
· How Is a Crayon Made?
· The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip
· Sound, Heat & Light: Energy at Work
· The Story of George Washington Carver
· The Story of Thomas Alva Edison, Inventor

Ages 7–8
List Price: $27.89 You Pay Only $16.50
Order Number: GLA51843

Life Science Collection
· The Apple Pie Tree
· Apples and Pumpkins
· Everybody Cooks Rice
· Growing Vegetable Soup
· Have You Seen Birds?
· I Love Spiders
· The New Baby Calf
· Peck, Slither and Slide
· Pumpkin Pumpkin
· The Tiny Seed

Ages 7–8
List Price: $40.19 You Pay Only $25.00
Order Number: GLA57675

Earth Science Collection
· Archaeologist Dig for Clues
· A Book About Planets and Stars
· A Day in Space
· Desert Giant: The World of the Saguaro Cactus
· The Great Kapok Tree
· The Great Trash Bash
· The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth
· The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System
· Wild Weather: Hurricanes!
· Wild Weather: Tornadoes!

Ages 7–8
List Price: $41.80 You Pay Only $27.00
Order Number: GLA57677

25 Science Mini-Books for Emergent Readers
Carol Pugliano-Martin

"Home Sweet Home," "A Butterfly Grows Up," "My Five Senses" — young readers will love learning about animal homes, life cycles, the human body, weather, plants and seeds, and other favorite science topics with these irresistible mini-books. Rhymes, repetition, and predictable language help build young children's confidence in reading. Includes easy how-to's and hands-on activities to extend learning.

Ages 5–6
64 pp.
Order Number: GLA–18946–8

25 Solve-the-Riddle Science Mini-Books
Kathleen W. Kranking

Students will love to read and reread these adorable interactive mini-books on key science topics. They rhyming riddles are chock-full of science fact clues; kids solve the riddles and then lift the flaps to see if they're right! They'll have fun solving Dinosaur Who's Who, Planet Name Game, Sneaky Animal Shapes, Human Body Trivia, and many more! Fully reproducible and easy to make.

Ages 7–9
64 pp.
Order Number: GLA–64461–0

The Incredible Human Body
Esther Weiner

Learning about the major body systems is easy and fun with these engaging hands-on activities that help students explore the major systems that make up the human body. Students investigate what makes bones strong, measure their lung capacity, and much more. Includes reproducible science mini-books and a colorful two-sided poster.

Ages 8–12
96 pp.
Order Number: GLA–59928–3

Rubrics, Checklists, & Other Assessments for the Science You Teach!
Ann Flagg

Experts agree: Kids learn science best by doing. But how do you measure student progress when you teach hands-on? This practical guide offers simple and successful strategies that demystify science assessment. Full of student samples that show how real teachers use drawings, science journals, projects, conversations, and rubrics to evaluate their students' growth.

Ages 6–9
80 pp.
Order Number: GLA–00486–7

Splish Splash Science
Rebecca Olien

Make a splash in your classroom with fresh activities that teach about water, such as Pick a Puddle, Disappearing Drops, and Cloud Makers. This indispensable resource includes poems and plays, games, art projects, book links, learning centers, hands-on reproducibles, and a big, colorful poetry poster!

Ages 6–9
64 pp.
Order Number: GLA–11595–2

Teaching Electricity — Yes, You Can!
Steve "the Dirtmeister" Tomecek

Teaching electricity is exciting, easy, safe, and fun! Each lively lesson includes fascinating background information along with simple activities about static electricity, conductors, insulators, circuits, and more. Includes complete how-to's and reproducible data sheets. Linked to the National Science Standards.

Ages 8–11
48 pp.
Order Number: GLA–39018–X

25 Science Mini-Books
Esther Weiner

Teach science as you build literacy with these easy-to-read mini-books with fun flaps and doors! Just reproduce, cut, and fold, then kids are ready to learn about the human body, animal homes, plants, and so much more.

Ages 4–9
72 pp.
Order Number: GLA–49507–0

A Year of Hands-on Science
Lynne Kepler

This award-winning book includes thematic, easy-to-do science activities and experiments on topics like butterflies, falling leaves, and windy weather. Each lesson is highlighted by science journal pages, curriculum connections, literature links, practical tips, and assessment ideas.

Ages 5–9
304 pp.
Order Number: GLA–70132–0

All About My Body Book Bundle
· The Incredible Human Body (Teacher Resource Book)
· The Skeleton Inside You
· Blood and Guts
· The Magic School Bus: Inside the Human Body
· Why Don't Haircuts Hurt?

This amazing collection of activities and non-fiction books will get your students thinking and learning about the science of the body and it's systems.

Ages 8–12
List Price: $32.89 You Pay Only $19.95
Order Number: GLA921905

Get Lost in Space Book Bundle
· Space: Hands-on Activities, the Latest Information, and a Colorful Learning Poster (Teacher Resource Book)
· The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System
· Usborne Book of Space Facts
· A Day in Space
· Do Stars Have Points?

These learning-packed activities and trade books will have your class blasting off into the stars.

Ages 8–12
List Price: $30.79 You Pay Only $16.95
Order Number: GLA 921903

Life Cycles Book Bundle
· Life Cycles: Butterflies, Chicks, Frogs, and More (Teacher Resource Book)
· Butterflies Pocket Chart
· Eggs/Life Cycles Pocket Chart
· The Very Hungry Caterpillar
· Chickens Aren't the Only Ones
· Frogs

Everything you need to teach this fascinating theme to young learners including rhyming pocket charts, learning-packed activity books, and picture books.

Ages 5–8
List Price: $39.70 You Pay Only: $24.95
Order Number: GLA921893


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