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1. Investigate the Facts
2. Observe & Record
3. Report Your Findings
4. Read Sample Reports
3. Report Your Findings
Are you ready to write about your findings about the ways that the animal you’ve chosen demonstrates animal adaptations? Before you finish your report, you may want to review my notes from Investigate the Facts about the various ways that animals adapt to their surroundings. Compare your notes with my examples. Once you've completed your investigations, write about your findings!

Report Your Findings Your Name:  _ _
1. What animal did you select? (For example: Squirrel)

Answer the following questions with complete sentences and combine them into a paragraph.

2. What special adaptations does the animal have to help it succeed in its enviroment?
3. Are the adaptations a physical part of the animal, or are the adaptations more of a behavior that the animal uses?
4. If this animal didn't have these adaptations, what problems might it face?
5. Do other animals in this enviroment have similar adaptations? Which animals?
















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