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Wild Animal Watch Contest Congratulations to the winners of the "Wild Animal Watch — Dolphins" essay contest and to every student who joined in the lively debate!

The challenge was to write the most persuasive and well-organized argument for or against the right of humans to keep marine mammals captive.

All the essay writers offered persuasive, interesting, and thought-provoking arguments to the questions we posed: Should marine mammals be kept in captivity? Is it okay if animals in zoological parks are bred in captivity for educational and study purposes? What about sick or lost animals that strand themselves onshore — should they be "rescued" into captivity?

There are no simple answers to these questions, but many of you took the time to say what you think. If you feel strongly about this issue, your thoughts and opinions can help shape what happens to marine mammals in the future. Write to your member of the U.S. Congress or the President, your local newspaper, an environmental group, or a zoological park to further share your ideas and arguments.

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