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Second place in the grades 2-5 category went to Ariella Grinberg. Here's her essay:

I don't think that it is okay to keep dolphins in captivity all the time. Sometimes it is okay because the dolphin is either sick or hurt and someone comes to pick the dolphin up to help the dolphin and put the dolphin in captivity. Otherwise I don't think it is okay. Sometimes people put dolphins in zoos and in tiny tanks. When people keep dolphins in tanks the dolphin's body gets scratched and some die. They can also get frightened because of all the people around them. I don't think it is right because if people put them in captivity they won't have space to swim in a large area and be with their family. They just get separated from their family and never see them again. The only time I think it is okay to keep dolphins in captivity is when someone is trying to hunt them.

Ariella Grinberg

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