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Dan Odell
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  This is where you can find out about Dan Odell's six week study of bottlenose dolphins that live in the wild. The study took place in March and April, 1997. Unfortunately, bad weather did not allow Dan to venture into the field as often as he hoped. So, read his chapter reports on how to conduct field research. His chapters tell of dolphin sightings, the travels of dolphins, and the methods used by researchers. It also provides a mapping activity using real dolphin-sighting data.

You can also read in his interview the comments and questions Dan Odell answered for students about dolphins and other marine mammals.

  • Chapter 1
      Research Questions
      Getting Started
      Basic Equipment
      Finding Dolphin "Fingerprints"
      Weather Problems

  • Chapter 2
      Studying Dead Dolphins
      Counting Dolphin Years
      Studying Live Dolphins
      Catching Dolphins
      Observing Dolphins

  • Chapter 3
      Field Study Report From Indian River Lagoon

  • Chapter 4
      Collecting Data
      Dolphin 56
      After the Branding
      The Latest Sightings
      The Future

  • Chapter 5
      How Do We Track Dolphins That Aren't Freeze Branded?
      The Dorsal Fin
      Using ID Numbers
      A "Library" of Images

  • Chapter 6
      Lots to Do!
      Dolphin 56's Travels
      Seeking Answers
      Mapping Activity

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