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Earhart status: missing
By: Alex W.
Illinois, Age 11


Where she went, nobody knows. But I do know something. Different people have different theories about what happened to her. Some people think that the Japanese found and killed and some people think that she crashed on the Marshall Islands and was still alive trying to send radio signals. Some others say that she got off course and crashed somewhere unknown. I personally think that she ran out of gas while flying over the ocean and crashed in the middle of the ocean. But nobody could ever figure out the mystery of Amelia Earhart. But they keep trying. I donít know why because her body is probably busy rotting away right now. No one would be able to find her anyways. Unless someone built a time machine; but thatís impossible.
What is also impossible is trying to find her if she landed in the ocean. She was probably eaten along with fragments of her plane by some sort of shark. Either way, people still try to find her. I just donít get why though. Itís IMPOSSIBLE and they all know it! Still people wonder ďWhat happened to Amelia Earhart?Ē. Anything is possible. For all we know she couldíve been kidnapped by Indians, Japanese, Chinese or other people. She couldíve been so sick that she couldnít pilot the plane. Maybe her navigator that drinks a lot pushed her out of the plane. Anything couldíve happened to her. Nobody knows anything for sure.

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