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The disappearance of Amelia Earheart!
By: Alexis H.
Ohio, Age 11


Where did Amelia go? That's what folks want to know. Amelia Eartheart wanted to set a new world record by flying around the Howland Island. Amelia took off on June 1,1937 she left with Fred Nooan. Amelia took off from Miami. On June 2, Amelia was off to New Guinea. People were watching her and those were the last people who saw her. When the Navy didn't hear from her in hours, even days the news was announced Amelia Earheart was missing. Now the search is on boats, planes, and even people are looking for Amelia. Who might have her? Or could her plane be wrecked in the Paific Ocean? The disappearance of Amelia Earheart is leaving everyone wondering. I hope someone finds her soon.

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