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A Woman Named Amelia Earhart
By: Erika V.
New Hampshire, Age 10


Today, a woman named Amelia Earhart, took flying lessons in Los Angeles and is now the first woman to fly a plane. When Amelia was a little girl she thought that planes were boring and were just wire, medal and wood and now she is the first woman to fly a plane! Amelia isnít just the first woman to fly a plane, she also is the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Amelia wanted to fly a plane because when she was ten years old, she went to an air show and wanted to be the first woman to fly. Amelia took additional training so she could get really good before she did it on her own. While this was happening, twenty four year old Harry Burns surprised observers by casting the decision for ratification of the right for woman to vote. At the time of his vote Harry had in his pocket a letter from his mother urging him to vote for suffrage. Due to the determination of both Earhart and Burns, women are closer than ever to be treated as equals to men.

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