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The First Hym
By: James A.
New Jersey, Age 12


Iím James A and Iím here live with Amelia Earhart. She is about to take her first flight. She is going to be the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Oh excuse me. Mrs. Earhart what can you say before taking this dangerous journey?
She gasped, ďoh it is just amazing to be the first woman to fly over the Atlantic OceanĒ So what are you going to bring on the journey? Earhart jokingly replied, ďoh Iím going to bring some headache medicine and of course my walkie talkie.
Oh Amelia youíre so funny I know you have to go now so Iím going to let you be on your flight. You heard it from here and she TAKES OFF! Whoosh, whoosh.

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